Idea For Monster Movie

You know how Godzilla was created by nuclear fallout? And you know how a neutron bomb would supposedly kill everyone in a city, without destroying the buildings?

How about a monster movie where a neutron bomb causes a monster to be created? The neutron monster then rampages through a city, but only kills the people. It is only part material, so it strides through the buildings, but can reach down and grab people and crush them. It can control how solid it is. Perhaps it’s a little translucent.

It could also have some kind of psychological attack, to tie in with the trend for Lovecraftian horror, and to give people the Watchmen Squid they were denied in the movie. Neutron Monster, marching through downtown, no building is destroyed. It’s not as noisy as Godzilla. Only the screams of the insane can be heard.

One nasty special effect, perhaps reserved for the bad guy at the end, could be that the monster grabs the guy in its monster fist (it is man-in-a-suit anthropomorphic after all) and then crushes him slowly, and we see the crushing through the translucent fist. Actually there’s probably porn of that already.

Thoughts? Been done?