“Camper”: Dreaming in Flensburg, Part 1

In early 1994 I traveled to Flensburg, Germany to study at the Fachhochschule for a semester. I took a notebook with me in which I wrote various scribbles, including a few dreams. When clearing out my Tooting flat for sale recently, I found the notebook, and I thought I’d stick them up here over the next few days.

I realize that telling people your dreams is pretty tedious and self-indulgent, but since you’re reading this blog, you could say we’ve crossed that bridge already.

Here’s the first tale from the fabled Dreambook of Flensburg.

Me and some friends are sleeping in a VW camper. I wake to see strange lights. It turns out to be a load of meteorites. A few close calls. We are in Bedford Park Playground. One shoots from the direction of town over the van (v. close)

(The next day) Massive hole in the playing field over the hedge next to the school. I dig up the meteorite. It’s like a walnut, but with a brain in it.

A house nearby has a big gun in the front garden, with a pile of shells. A meteor narrowly misses them and hits the front door.

I didn’t embellish the text, so it’s as terse as it was when I scribbled it down. Feel free to add your analysis in the comments.