Meme On A Theme

Any excuse for an easy post, and this one I can do quickly and follow it through! Flesh Is Grass pointed this at me, so here goes…

The idea is to choose a theme tune for your blog. Like FIG, I thought two songs would do better than one.

New Order – True Faith (lyrics)
My favourite song of all time. This blog is by me and about me, so this song is a good one.

Supertramp – Take The Long Way Home (lyrics)
I’m a big soppy sod when all is said and done, and this one always manages to puncture any delusions, so it’s suited very well to this site.

I guess the first one would be the opening theme, and the second would be some kind of incidental bit, or accompaniment to a meaningful interlude, perhaps walking in the city thinking. Or is that the movie version?