Time, The Old Enemy

Well that’s the absolute end. I turned 37 today. I’m only updated this because these bastards told me to.

Actually it’s been pretty good, all told, so far. My brother called for his regular misanthropic slagging session. Friend Robin called (from his landline!) to have a chat, make vague promises about visiting in the late summer, and boast about how much tail he’s getting at the moment. Colleagues and I will be going for drinkies and maybe food later. It’s LA this weekend for friends and celebrations as well. Things are good.

Cassie had some pastries delivered to my office, which was a lovely surprise, and gave me an excuse to email everyone in the office to tell them it was my birthday and to grab the croissants while they could. One person saw the words “pastries in the kitchen” and went straight there, only to have to ask what the occasion was because they didn’t read further.

We went to Las Vegas at the weekend, to visit with Cassie’s “folks” and meet up with an old London Film School friend of  hers. Joanie made some great food as usual over the weekend, breakfast souffle stuff, calzone and yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and David allowed me to drink a lot of his Glenlivet. We went to see The Hangover which is exactly what it looks like in the trailer, despite what some reviews have said – it was funny though, if a little cheap in places.

We had a lovely meal at the Pinot Brasserie in the Venetian Hotel, which in stark contrast to the rest of the place is quite relaxed and genteel, albeit with a strange muzak tape on. I had rack of delicious lamb, and a nice choc dessert which the restaurant had written “Happy Birthday” on. We stayed in the Venetian for a night. It’s nice in there, big bed, remote control drapes, marble bathroom, great view of the HVAC units on the neighbouring rooftops. It’s a mad place, and as soon as you get off the strip, it’s the same stripmalls and outlets, only with a pyramid and the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

The journey to Las Vegas gets me every time. Big open spaces, mountains on the horizon, then as you sweep down out of the hills, you see places like Barstow and Baker, looking for all the world like Mos Eisley Spaceport on Tatooine. Cassie says I’m not the first Brit to have pointed that out. She’s so used to driving back and forth that she’s nonplussed by it now.

Today is also the birthday of one Sarah Brown, also known as “OMG Sarah Brown”, who I had the privilege to meet a couple of years ago, and we’ve kept in touch. Her blog is awesome, and Cringe is great fun.

It’s only halfway through my birthday this year, so maybe I’ll update later. In the meantime, cheers for your thoughts, and chin up, eh?