The Stupid, It Kills.

There’s lots of dangerous anti-science nonsense going around at the moment, with today’s highlight being that Oprah Winfrey, who controls the minds and opinions of millions of people, has made a deal with anti-vaccination loon Jenny McCarthy to shill her well-meaning but wrong ideas about vaccination and autism.

The Bad Astronomer is very disappointed, and he often uses this graphic to illustrate his feelings about an issue:

The Stupid, It Burns
I think a stronger message is required. Preventable diseases are on the rise around the world. Babies too young to be vaccinated are dying because the children around them have well-meaning but wrong parents who have been taken in by the propaganda mix of scare tactics and anecdote, and decided not to vaccinate their children.

The longer this goes on, the higher the death toll. The Stupid, It Kills.