Recent Links, 20090305

» Science-Based Medicine – Comprehensive Refutation of Antivaccinationists Very good round-up of the history of the antivax movement, and why it is wrong to try and blame autism on vaccines. Anecdotes are not data. Correlation does not imply causation. Protect children from ignorance. Repeat.

» The Gourmet Depot Co. – appliance sales, parts and accessories Do you, like Cassie, have an old but perfectly functional Sunbeam hand mixer with one beater attachment missing? This online store has a huge range of attachments and accessories, so we were able to order a nice new pair. That will keep this mixer out of the bin.

» exactitudes: Many photos of people dressing very similarly. This is really cool. The photographer has gathered many people, sorted them by how they how they dress, and then given them a label. Try and find yourself! (via b3ta)

» The Frogs Archive disappeared They let the hosting lapse, and it’s gone! This stuff needs to be out there. The public need to know. Where else can I read lyrics like “Rosy Jack Man is down your pants”, or “Spare me some cock, brother?”

» Wil Wheaton: Spoiler Alert: WATCHMEN is f**king awesome. Glad to hear it. Hope I feel the same way when I get to see it.

» Amnesty Blogs: Inaugural Emirates Literary Festival Bans A Book …and lots of authors pull out in protest. What an auspicious start. What a bunch of narrow-minded fools the organizers are.