Recent Links, 20090218

» Desktop Flickr Organizer for Gnome Useful tool for editing tags, sets and descriptions of your Flickr photos offline, then uploading and syncing your changes. Must buy a new camera. Works under Gnome, so fine for Ubuntu.

» Bad Science » Help! Legal Chill from LBC 97.3 over Jeni Barnett’s MMR scaremongering (a bit old now, but still simmering on) Ben Goldacre needs a lawyer. Jeni Barnett, wrong anti-MMR radio presenter, didn’t like him posting a clip of her spouting rubbish and being rude to nurses. Can anyone help?

» Childhood Fears | Sooth Brush Photographs of scary scenes. Some great stuff here. I like the clown-behind-the-sheet.

» The little page of TRANSPORT CHAOS Excellent and funny display of UK transport statistics, with the Threat Level highlighted. One for all my commuting ex-homies.

» Irukandji syndrome – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Don’t go in the water

» California Action Alert – Say No to Biometrics in CA Driver’s Licenses | Electronic Frontier Foundation Email your Senator now via this website – prevent this rushed and clumsy intrusion on your privacy slipping through without public and legislative scrutiny.

» Peter H. Cropes: I am Infected. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m on the way

» The once and future e-book: on reading in the digital age – Ars Technica Excellent article about e-books, their past, present and future. Screen size, people’s issues, DRM, Palm, Apple, Amazon, and much more. I used to read Gutenberg Wells and Lovecraft on my Palm TE while commuting. I can see the attraction.

» Johann Hari: Why should I respect these oppressive religions? – The Independent Quite a clear summing up of my thoughts on this subject. Why should respect _any_ religions? Oppressive ones are bad enough, but don’t let the quiet ones get away with anything either. NB This is not to say that I agree with anything else Hari says. I just thought this was succinct.

» London from above, at night – The Big Picture Part one of this wonderful gallery.

» More of London from above, at night – The Big Picture Absolutely beautiful gallery of aerial shots of London, taken at night. Not many of my old stomping grounds featured, but it does make me want to pop back.

» YouTube – maccy A montage of pics of a Westie, set to a C86 Primal Scream song. Affecting.