Drop And Give Me One Hundred

Last week I started doing this One Hundred Push Ups program. It’s a plan to get doing up to 100 pushups in 6 weeks, with a clear plan and tests along the way. Why I should be inspired to do this, rather than just doing more exercise, I don’t know. I think the clear plan, with steady progress means it’s easy to follow and keep up with. I’m on the second week so far, and all seems to be going OK.

I know that “upper body strength” is never something I’ve had, or indeed aspired to. My single abortive effort at surfing is testament to that – all that paddling. And I’m not trying to get “built”, just a bit more active.

I’m tracking my progress through the plan here. Maybe if I manage this, I’ll try the Two Hundred Sit Ups plan. That way I may be able finally to decide between the two waist sizes I oscillate between.