Vacated Sockets And Hope

I had my follow-up with the nice Dr Eckstein this morning, where he told me that all was well in the jagged splintered holes in my jaw. The nurse praised me for my post-op home cleaning and so on, but stopped short of patting me on the head and giving me a lollipop. Probably not good practise for a dentist. Perhaps some crudités? They gave me a syringe device for squirting warm dilute mouthwash in the crevices to clean them out, and sent me on my way.

Before I left for the appointment, most people in the office were gathered around the TV usually reserved for the company project showreel. Some had been there, wrapped up in their dress shirtsleeves, since the office opened, some 1 hour before. I went to watch the new President’s oath and speech, and it was impressive. The dude can orate.

It was a great speech, and I picked out a few buttons he pushed:

  • a nod to non-believers, but still in that “in addition” sense, hmm
  • civil rights
  • science!
  • the environment
  • we’re great the way we are, but we still may need to change
  • greed was a factor in the crash

Good luck to him and to America. It’s nice to be here. 

In other news, my apartment is carpeted (not my choice), so I had to buy a vacuum cleaner. I went the value route and got a <$100 model, which I hope will suck. Amazon delivered it to my office on Friday, so I’m taking home tonight for an evening of getting to know each other.