Recent Links, 20090106

» ‘I will protest the CHE movie on opening night’ – PledgeBank Interesting counterpoint to the popular image of Che Guevara, and also a nasty little flamewar about Israel and Gaza in the comments. Why the pledge owner felt the need to state they like Ayn Rand I have no idea.

» Amazon Filler Item Finder – When you need to find a cheap item just to get you over $25 to qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping, this site is handy. Enter your required amount (e.g. $2.20) and select which product areas you want.

» Total email and phone call storage in hands of a private firm What on earth is Jacqui Smith thinking? There cannot be people advising her that this is a good idea. Fools. Bloody fools.

» 2008: The Year In Band Names | The A.V. Club The Onion runs down, in a couple of senses, the most unique band names of 2008.

» YouTube – The Most Horrible Day Of Our Lives – Split Screen If it wasn’t for the vodka cocktails the night before, I would have been in this. True.

» YouTube – robindeacon’s Channel Friend Robin, as mentioned on this site many times, has done videos and stuck them up. They’re art!

» Open Rights Group Newsblog : Blog Archive » BBC iPlayer now available on Linux and Mac Halle-bleedin-lujah. I remember last Xmas, at the ORG party, people were moaning about this lack. Now it’s here, and I live abroad. Balls. (must be a way around it…)

» All good things… « Mixwit.Blog Mixwit, the mixtape creation site, is closing. Probably sue to a legal situation. I’d only just joined as well!

» Registration – Royal Opera House Check out the ‘Title’ drop-down menu. Pretty comprehensive.

» FLICKR THEFT on Flickr – Photo Sharing! I just happened to be looking at photos tagged ‘westie’ when I saw this terrible news – a company stole this guys photo to use on their product!

» Open Rights Group Data Loss Questionnaire Answer these 28 questions to find out if the UK Government has lost your personal data recently.