My Best Side – Facebook Profile Photo Categories

On one of my sporadic visits to Facebook, when I block a few more applications, and take a few more quizzes where the setter of the quiz has got the spelling of the movie/band/80’s cartoon character/TV show wrong (there’s no such thing as Monkey Magic, dolts), I noticed that profile photos tend to fall into a limited set of categories. I’ve tried to list them below.

  1. The Look, It’s Me On My Grainy Webcam
  2. The Look A Little Closer
  3. The Look Into My Eye
  4. The Look, I’m On Stage
  5. The Look, I’ve Had Professional Black And White 8×10’s Done, Please Cast Me In Something
  6. The Look, I’m Sat On A Mountain
  7. The Look, I’m Wearing A Silly Hat Or Other Amusing Headgear
  8. The Look, I’m Wearing Sunglasses On Holiday
  9. The Look, It’s A TV Or Movie Character That I Like
  10. The Look, It’s A Vegetable And Not A Portrait At All
  11. The Look, I Have An Apple Mac and PhotoBooth
  12. The Look, I Got Married To This Person
  13. The Look, I Used To Be A Child
  14. The Look, I’m A Breeder
  15. The Look, I’m Drunk

No judgement here, only observation. Off the top of my head, I have fallen into at least four of these categories in the past.

Actually, thinking about it, this list is pretty comprehensive. I’ve been back and added several after reading it. Again, I’m not trying to be sarcastic or snarky with this list, it’s just an observation. After all, people are going to use whatever photos they have that tell a story. Exercise for the reader: What styles other than the above are there?


I don’t really go on Facebook much these days. Twitterfeed squirts these blog entries onto my Twitter feed, my Twitter feed is duplicated as my Facebook status and my Flickr pics go up there too. I really should, many pals are there.

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