Ubuntu On The EeePC, Part 2

See Part 1 here.

Inspired by Flesh’s new Acer Aspire One, I decided to have another go at getting Ubuntu on my EeePC. This thing is now a bit old by netbook standards, being a first-generation 700, but it still makes me smile.

I’d had some problems getting Unetbootin to run on the EeePC, something to do with legacy dependencies, glibc and the like. A question was asked, and answered, and now was the time to try the new version. Also, my desktop is now up and running, so I should be able to run it there.

Unfortunately, when I downloaded the latest deb file from sourceforge for the i386, the package installer complained it was the wrong architecture, “amd64”, despite my having downloaded the i386 file. Another brick wall. I tried the amd64 version too, and that gave the same error.

While looking around the Ubuntu Eee wiki (which has no link to the “How to install” page on the front page by the way – it’s here)  I saw that there are many issues with Skype, sound and wireless networking, and lots of forums activity to get them all fixed. At least, it looks that way and the wiki doesn’t seem to reflect reflect the most up to date situation.

I’d also noticed in the Google searches that there is another Ubuntu for EeePCs, Eeebuntu, which appears a lot slicker, apparently works out of the box, and seems to make it clear how to install it. Kind of.

I got as far as torrent-downloading the ISO file, before I realised I should really be packing for my Xmas trip. I’ll get back to this after the new year. Have a good one!