Recent Links, 20081215

» Strange Attractor – 20 signs you don’t want that internal social media project Oh Sharepoint… The pain of recognition.

» Charlie Brooker’s Screen Burn | Oliver Postgate RIP Brooker takes a break from the savage wit to write a heartfelt and affecting tribute to the late Oliver Postgate, who created so many classic kids TV shows from our childhood.

» Bad Science » “I think you’ll find it’s a bit more complicated than that…” and other excellent Christmas gifts. Ben Goldacre sells a bib with the slogan “MMR is safe, tell your friends”, for your baby to wear out and about and cause confrontations.

» Graph of measles cases in the UK As the ill-informed (in fact just plain wrong) hysteria about vaccines continues, measles cases increase. Next up, rubella, then smallpox… Won’t someone think of the children?

» THE HUMAN LEAGUE Blind Youth – the complete guide to The Human League 1977-1980 Excellent site. Info, history, lyrics, great design which longs to be emulated. My parallel universe band would follow this model.

» Music Week – Burnham’s copyright speech in full Wrong in many ways. _When_ the Music Industry and the Music Business get “washed away”, music, and the musical community will remain. The business models that will support them are evolving. Please, rats, leave the sinking ship.

» Radios from I would like to have modern electronics in a casing like these. It would be good if you could easily put your stuff in new bodywork.

» : Online FLV Converter You know those youtube videos which are just the music? Grab the audio with this.