Recent Links, 20081201

» Gay marriage: the database engineering perspective @ Things Of Interest Interesting article describing human relationships in terms of databases. Old inflexible database structures would talk about “husbands” and “wives”, and one husband could be married to one wife. But in reality (whether you like it or not, Prop 8 bigots) we are all “humans”, and a marriage can be between any two of us. It makes the database a lot simpler, too.

» Teacher forced into computer-porn plea deal despite proof prosecutor, IT manager misled court – Boing Boing Gadgets This is disgusting. Due to poor IT support at her school, and the IT manager AND Detective involved being idiots, she has to quit being a teacher. The arrogance and plain WRONGNESS of the IT guy is breathtaking. I’m angry.

» BNP NOT JUST POLICEMEN, REVEALS SECRET LIST – The Daily Mash From the extremely small number of policemen I’ve met, I know this is very well observed.

» buckman’s magnatune blog: Membership without obligations Pay what you want, all you can eat independent music. I bought a couple of albums from here, and I will now definitely be going back.

» Angrigami from 52 to 48 with love Ze Frank people write nice messages to those who voted the other way after the 2008 US Election. Many wrote nice things. Many wrote vicious and spiteful things. Ze created a collage of the anger, and asks you to make something beautiful from the anger – Angrigami. PDF is very angry!

» What I Had For Dinner Tonight This is a great journal of people’s dinners. It makes me feel totally inadequate, especially when the recipe includes ingredients “from the garden”. A few peeps here.

» B3TA : NEWSLETTER : “HOW DOES IT CHANGE MANY DYSLEXICS TO TAKE A LIGHT-BULB?” I sent them the info about Whole Foods DIY Peanut Butter. Parts of the newsletter are NSFW.

» Wiretap Follies / Click Someone needs to make a lotion dispenser that looks like a grenade. I would buy it.

» The Open Rights Group : Our busiest year so far – and what lies ahead… ORG is 3, and they’ve published their Annual Report. Read it, think about it, and pledge a fiver a month. The news is ful of digital rights and personal data issues, and ORG is there to fix it!

» Healer dies after failing to treat a foot wound – Portsmouth Today Silly, silly man. At any point did he think, “My beliefs are being proved wrong here, best do something about it”?

» Stop for me so much funnier than “stop all way(r)s”

» Goldsmiths, Gaza and the Warsaw Ghetto Open letter to Goldsmiths Students Union, deconstructing the arguments and untruths stated by Weiss in the talk.

» ENGAGE – Israelis are not Nazis Sounds like a nasty bit of misleading rabble-rousing from Ms Weiss. The Left in the UK are in trouble if they think this is the sort of thing they should be promoting.