Recent Links, 20081113

» John Peel Wiki Complete with MP3s of all his shows, and listings of tracks played. Wonderful. (via Phil Gyford)

» Open Rights Group » Ordnance Survey cripples Gov Show Us A Better Way winners The Ordnance Survey are getting all whiney with what should be public data. Dicks.

» Matthias Rath, the alternative health eurosceptics and the MEP « gimpy’s blog A collection of unpleasant quacks and dangerously unscientific salespeople have snared an ignorant MEP into supporting their cause.

» Tiny Geo-coder | The fastest way to find latitude and longitude Boom, it just works. Now, what can I use it for…?

» Should We Kill People Over Gay Marriage? Another Sci-Fi author goes mental. Unlike Hubbard, Orson Scott Card’s books are quite good. But he seems to be advocating a bloody revolt against the “barbarians” that are “stealing” his marriage.

» music search plus Uses clever search terms to find “free” music files.

» All UK 1980’s Number 1’s nailed together into one mp3 Memories…