Recent Links, 20081105

» 365 Days Of Trash Experiment to not throw anything away for a year. Worm farm, basement full of stuff etc. Over 300 days through now, and he’s had to reduce his consumption to keep on top of it. That said, the photos look quite liveable.

» Language – The New Adventures of Mr Stephen Fry Wonderful essay, referring to a 1980’s Fry and Laurie sketch. It has been said too many times, this man is an institution. He is one of my few heroes.

» Never Trust a Hippy: Time to pick sides Honestly, I step out of the country for a few months and suddenly the Daily Mail is confirmed as the arbiter of morality.

» On not finding London After Midnight « The Bioscope A melange, if you will.

» YouTube – THE MIGHTY BOOSH – Hitcher visits howard Last weekend I was an amalgam.

» 100 Illustrated Horror Film Posters: Part 2 // WellMedicated Some more horror posters. Hee!

» 50 Incredible Film Posters From Poland // WellMedicated More posters. These range from amusing rehashes of the original, to fantastic expressions of the mood of the movie. I love the uneven Letraset in some of them – reminds me of Tech Drawing class.

» 100 Illustrated Horror Film Posters: Part 1 // WellMedicated Some great stuff here, plus a few non-horror classics. Happy Halloween!

» Achewood § July 8, 2004 Just browsing in the nostalgia with my Face Eyes, sitting in my Body Chair. I want a t-shirt of frames 5 and 6.