Recent Links, 20081009

» Daily Kos: McCain’s Non-Support for Troops and Veterans: The Master List Pretty comprehensive list of why McCain does not support US troops and veterans like he says he does. There should be more “cheat sheets” like this, for all candidates. Instant fact checking and calling out on lies.

» garfield minus garfield Funnily enough, this is exactly how I felt on January 2nd 1986.

» The Red Menace: What We Were Told to Fear Before Islam “Is your washroom breeding Bolsheviks?” – or indeed Mr Bean impersonators? Great gallery of anti-communist posters and flyers.

» ‘Canned laughter”, my least favourite urban myth « Why, That’s Delightful! Graham Linehan takes a swipe at the wrongness of some Guardian writer perpetuating the “canned laughter” myth.

» L.A. under visual assault by digital billboards – Los Angeles Times Cassie’s area has these new electronic billboards. They need to be stopped before “quaint” Silver Lake, with it’s organic feel, ends up looking like Piccadilly Circus.

» Debate on Flickr Gordon doesn’t seem to be too impressed with the debate