Recent Links, 20081001

» xkcd – Fiction Rule of Thumb So true. An addition to this is that the more proper nouns in the book have apostrophes in the middle of the word, the greater the suckage.

» The Open Rights Group » 4 good reasons not to take part in the BT Webwise trial BT are really a bunch of sods. Simon, do something about it. When I blogged about this earlier, I got some half-articulate responses from Phorm itself.

» RepRap: Blog: Meshlab Discovery – The Origins A RepRap Darwin has made a cat with an overhanging chin! This project is fascinating and very eng-geeky. Homemade open-source extrusion fabrication.

» Neatorama » Star Wars Hoodies I would get one of these if they had a TIE Fighter Pilot (i.e. like the Stormtrooper but black)

» Skepchick: SGU: The Mouthpiece of Satan Great piece about a review of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast by a Midwestern Conservative Christian.

» Stuart Croft – Films – The Everlasting I was in this! Stuart took me up to Yorkshire, where we filmed in a ruined abbey.

» Bad Science » Haha w00t I am “Health Book Of The Week” in the Daily Mail Never mind the LHC causing a black hole, the Daily Mail giving a favourable review to Ben Goldacre’s book on pseudoscience and media gullibility may cause the universe to turn inside out, experts warn…

» Bad Science » Dave Ford from Durham Council performs incompetent experiments on children. Ben Goldacre examines the breathtaking incompetence and shoddy transparent lying surrounding the Durham GCSE fish oil trial.