MIDI Files I Have Known And Loved

While clearing out my server during the Great Shift to WordPress, I found a folder containing a load of MIDI files. I present them here.

They’re divided up into various groups and themes. I gathered them over the years from various places for various purposes. If anyone has a problem with any of these being here, please let me know and I’ll take them down.

If you click on one of these files, your computer will probably open it in a music player of some kind, and you will be serenaded with a cheesy plinky-plonky version of the song, depending on your computer setup.

Various Pop Tunes

Beach Boys


  • chime.mid – ding ding di-ding ding ding di-di-di-ding!
  • lush.mid – pl-pl-plink pl-pl-pl-plink pl-pl-pl-pl-plink!
  • forever.mid – “We waste! We destroy! And we cling like savages to our superstitions!”

Xmas Tunes

Elvis Costello

TV & Movie Themes

Another pointless blog post, entered in a ledger that covers all the transactions of the universe, a bill stamped ‘paid in full,’ and to be found, on file, behind a green door in the last house on the left… in the Twilight Zone.