Alternative Schedule

I’ve signed up on the Alternative Work Schedule here in the office. It means I work 9 hours a day Monday to Thursday, 8 hours on Friday and every other Friday I get off. It was offered to me when I first arrived, and having thought about it and seen people doing it, I’ve taken the plunge. Tomorrow I have the day off!

It does mean that I have to get up earlier and start earlier if I want to get home in the evening at a reasonable time. This is not easy for me. I seem to be managing so far, by being orgainsed and laying stuff out the previous day. I’m barely human when I wake anyway. I’m reminded of an old Cornflakes ad, which showed “early man” (i.e. before his cereal) as being like a caveman. Thinking about it, it was probably the shower and cup of tea that got him going, rather than the milky flakes. Another illusion shattered.

This week I’m using my extra time to go to LA this evening. We have a busy plan laid out, things to see, people to do. Other times, we’ll see, maybe I’ll sip mimosas on the veranda. Or clean, run errands and buy groceries.