Recent Links, 20080926

» YouTube – Doctor Who: What are you doing here? Lots of people saying, “What are you doing here?”. Amazing, hypnotic and long.

» Britain will make foreigners carry RFID identity cards and will put us in a huge, Orwellian database: the rest of Britain will be next – Boing Boing Oh boy. I’m very upset about Labour letting us all down. I hate the Tories. What to do?

» Mark Millar on Sarah Palin: “Terrifying” This interview chimes with me on McCain, Palin and Obama. The fact it’s with a Scottish comic book artist just makes it better. But then! He goes and blows it…

» Wanted: An End To Science: Hollywood’s New Player Declares War On Science Mark Millar loses cred in a major way by calling the LHC scientists “French F*cks”. Nice one, dickhead.

» The Simple Dollar » How to Safely Build Your Credit History I’m currently in the interesting position of being a well-paid adult with a UK mortgage, but without a credit history. This is a good common-sense guide to follow. It’s aimed at new graduates, but can apply to me too.

» BFI Screenonline: Why Don’t You… (1973-94) The word “mainstay” is applicable here. Reading this I can say that Russell T Davies ruined Why Don’t You. It was fine when it was just the gangs doing their thing. But you had to turn it into a sitcom. Git.

» “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”: 12 Year Olds Remake A Classic – Retro Thing Yes, that was it. As I mentioned the other day. Acyually NO! The one I was thinking of was a British kid, I’m sure.

» Free Our Data: Make taxpayers’ data available to them About time I found out more about this lot. UK taxpayers paid for mapping of their country. That data should be freely available, instead of locked away and released for a fee.