Recent Links, 20080922

» Japanese custom scooters ::: Pink Tentacle Amazing outlandish Japanese custom scooters.

» Heroes Cooking up a storm | The Sun As part of their “Go Green” week, The Sun says there is apparently a “fight against climate change alarmists”.

» Bad Science » Don’t let the facts spoil a good story Climate scientist has his work “grossly and crassly” distorted by the UK press, after cherrypicking just the bits they want. This is why people still think climate change isn’t man-made.

» What BERR want from Phorm – and what ORG think they’re missing Phorm is a targeted system of web advertising which has caused all sorts of hiccups just because of the simple honest desire to bombard website visitors with tailored ads. ORG have stuff to say. Go ORG.

» Sur le tracteur de mon papa. on Flickr – Photo Sharing! The title makes it.

» EFF Sues NSA, President Bush, and VP Cheney to Stop Illegal Surveillance Go Electronic Frontier Foundation! This sort of thing is why I’m a tshirt-wearing member of this noble organization.

» Unsupported Browser | BillShrink Oh, GROW UP. I use Firefox at home, OK? At work I’m stuck. Most major Web 2.0 sites work with IE6. Why can’t you? Laziness, that’s why.

» Yes on 1A – Californians for High Speed Trains Campaign to support the adoption of Proposition 1A in the November Ballot here in California.