Links Of The Day 20080917

» Ubuntu Eee Ubuntu Netbook Remix for the Asus EeePC. I might give this a go. I wonder if it replaces the reset partition?

» Metropolis Mag on the possibility of a Maglev train LA-Las Vegas This maglev thing still keeps cropping up. Hasn’t worked on a large scale anywhere. Even moving block signalling (such as ERTMS Level 3) hasn’t worked on a large scale anywhere. California High Speed Rail needs proven technology, not high-risk experiments. Vote Yes on Prop 1a.

» Secret Counterfeiting Treaty Must be Made Public | Electronic Frontier … “we believe the treaty could require Internet service providers to monitor all consumers’ Internet communications, interfere with fair use of copyrighted materials, and criminalize peer-to-peer electronic file sharing. However, the full text of the treaty and other relevant documents remain secret”

» John McCain: literally antiscience “Planetariums” (sic) are “foolishness”