Links Of The Day, 20080918

» New Hitchhiker’s author announced What? Why? And the Artemis Fowl bloke? At least it’s not Terry F**KING Pratchett.

» – This non-profit is buying the US Code of Federal Regulations and making it open-source (which it already should be). Would literally make my job easier.

» The Asylum This is great. These guys make clear ripoffs of big movies. Straight to DVD, low budget, can’ be all that good. But the combinations of influences are quite ingenious. E.g. ‘Death Racers’ is ‘Death Race’ but with the ‘Speed Racers’ logo! Lots of weasel words like “based on the story that inspired ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark'”.

» Snickers the Adoptable Puppy | Daily Puppy Nice idea. I look at the cute puppies most days, and now they are have a featured adoptable puppy. I enjoy the OTT comments – “OMG he’s sooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! 100 million billion biscuits!!!”