Is There A Shepherd In The House?

Thursday 1 May

Audience – about 8

“Does anyone know the herdsman?”

I have one reasonable-sized speech in the play, explaining why Creon wouldn’t want Oedipus’ position. I (Creon) point out that I could have grabbed the top job when it was empty, but I didn’t want it.

“Where is the herdsman?”

Except that I didn’t last night, because I messed up and missed that bit of the speech. Luckily Creon is a bit bumbly, so he can fumble and mumble his way through it.

“Bring me the herdsman!”

Still very frustrating though. Stuff to do with my future plans that I don’t want to go into yet is bringing me down. I wish I could write more.

“For frak’s sake someone fetch the frakkin’ herdsman!”

I guess the thing to do is to put my head down and do what’s required, at work, at home and at the theatre.