See, Creon Approaches

Well, the metaphorical curtain goes up next Tuesday, and there’s a lot of work to be done in the meantime. Luckily, I’m only in one half of the show (Oedipus Rex and not Antigone) while everyone else is doubling up across the two halves. So when they were rehearsing Part 2 last night, I was able to creep off to the William Morris House kitchen and do some line runs. I’ve tried this method of learning lines before, and it seems to work. I explained to my co-actor Gareth why I believed municipal formica to be an aid to memory.

The play also makes use of various percussive and ambient sounds and voices, provided by the chorus. It’s a good way of punctuating the scenes, and add atmospheric backing to prophecy and so on. I offered my drum machine for use, but it was rejected.

I’ve been working on the character, based on my predecessor’s suggestions, and those of the director. The resulting creation basically sounds like Mark Heap in The Green Wing. That should get them rolling in the aisles. Oedipus Rex is a comedy, isn’t it?