Second Performance Feat. Tumbleweeds

Wednesday 30th April 

A morale-boosting rumour that the Ambassador’s-owned Studio is making a right mess of selling tickets. Here’s a selection:

  • £30 a ticket! (wrong)
  • The show started tonight (wrong)
  • The show is called The Bans (wrong)

The programme is in place now, at least. I made a typo in my biog, so I apparently played the part of Lucifer in The Marquis De Sade, when in fact I played the part of Lucifer and the part of The Marquis De Sade. These things matter.

It would be funny to leave the cast in the programme as it was in the very beginning, and then do an announcement each night, along with the “turn your phones off, bitches” speech, that said, “Due to circumstances, the part of Creon will tonight be played by Matthew Petty. The part of Oedipus will be played by Gareth…” and on it would go for about half an hour. Hi-bleedin-larious.

While waiting up on the mezzanine above the box office before my entrance early in the first scene, I was privileged to witness the single ticket buyer enter and take his seat. That’s right – one (1 (one)) person in the audience. So we had a quick discussion, and asked the audience, and decided that it would better to do the show, and get another run in.

I’m writing this backstage, after my first two scenes. Spirits, it would seem, are high. The audience is a cast members Dad, so we’re doing our best. He said he would clap extra loud.