Once More Unto The Breach…

Thebans Poster…oh no wait that was the other one.

So it would appear that I’m in another play, which I didn’t expect. K called me and asked me if I wanted a part in her adaptation of Oedipus Rex because Oedipus had dropped out. It goes up in two weeks time, and with a rejig of the cast, two parts were open: The Messenger, who has a speech but not much; and Creon, Oedipus’ brother-in-law, who has more lines.

In the spirit of helping my friend, I took the part with the most lines, because then she has less to worry about, see?

Just got the script. I need to get moving on this if I’m going to pull it off. Shouldn’t be too bad, as Creon appears twice, has a chat and then naffs off. First rehearsal (for me) tomorrow. Should be interesting to meet the cast, who are basically all ready. I know a couple of them, the rest are pros.

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Illuminated Productions presents The Thebans Part 1: Oedipus and Part 2: Antigone, Wimbledon Studio Theatre, Tuesday 29 April – Saturday 10 May 2008