Getting In And Getting On

Ah, the get-in. I have talked about these before. This one was slightly different, in that I didn’t know my lines yet (haha yes I heard that). At least this time I had an excuse. However, by the end of the (very long) day, with the help of Julian, Georgina and Suzie, I was off-book and rearing (sp?) to to go.

The day was all about the lights, the costumes, the props, the instruments, and then Oedipus. We ran it twice, once with a couple of hiccups, then again with a couple fewer hiccups. Gareth has done an incredible job of taking on the lead role with two weeks to go, no matter what he says. He has put some of us to shame.

My costume accentuates my waistline, so thanks for that. I need to fix that soon, when I have more time. Crunches in the morning at least.

So, it was a long hard day, but very productive and friendly, and we all went for a much needed drink at the crap-but-not-as-bad-as-the-‘spoons Prince of Wales afterwards. It was good to get to know the cast – we haven’t had much of a chance over the last fortnight. Something tells me that by May 10 we’ll all know each other pretty well.