First Glimpse Of Theban Gang

I went to my first rehearsal for Oedipus Rex yesterday. It was in the familiar William Morris rooms, and the director is well known to me. My friend D is also in the play, and it so happened I’d seen her the night before for a surprise birthday dinner in her honour. I’d got a bit carried away and drunk too much, so I really didn’t want to be up and rehearsing, citing curling into a ball and whimpering as the ideal alternative.

But I trotted along, and I was glad I did. I met the guy that was playing my part before he was promoted to the lead*. He was able to give me his thoughts on the character, which I am going to purloin wholesale, having no time to come up with any original ideas. Obviously the part will be mine (all mine) by the time we go up, but I do need a leg-up.

The rest of the gang seem like a good bunch. Some pro actors, some fresh-faced drama grads. I’m technically pro, having earned a third share of the £10 profit that Grey made back in 2002. And I certainly wasn’t fresh-faced yesterday. I fit in nicely.

It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks.

* I don’t know the full story, so don’t expect any goss here.