Selected Patience Games Book from 1916

I’ve been doing a lot of clearing out, and scanning interesting things I find to put on Flickr, and this is one of those things. It’s an old book called Selected Patience Games by Angelo Lewis M.A.. After the name is says Professor Hoffmann. It’s the size of a playing card, and I assume it came in box of playing cards many years ago – it dates back to 1916. It was always hanging around in the drawer at my Nana’s, then at my parents, and now I seem to have it. I’m not a big patience player, especially not the more advanced ones described here, but it’s a great little book with some nice little diagrams and adverts at the back for Goodalls Gold Medal Playing Cards and some nice typography throughout. I’ve scanned the whole thing and put it on Flickr. I wonder if there’s a full set of cards illustrated in there?

If anyone has any problem with me putting it in the public domain, under a Creative Commons license, please let me know.