Happy 3rd Birthday Shuggie

Today is my ex-dog’s birthday. He was born in 2005, and since then he has grown from a tiny ball of fuzz into a strapping young lad, as you will see below. Since getting him, Mairi and I have split up, and he has gone with his ‘mummy’ but I still see a lot of him, because Mairi only lives round the corner, and I look after him from time to time, generally at least once a week. The court decided I get access rights, despite my record. I take him to McDonalds, and let him stay up late, and don’t make him do his homework, so he always has a great time with me. We’re a team. Aren’t we, little buddy? Me and you? Me and you forever?

This is the first view we got of him.

First View Of Shuggie
When I first got my hands on him – note wad of cash for deposit.

First Couple of Days with Shuggie
First day at new home – his eyes aren’t this blue any more.

Shut yer noise
Shut yer yap!

Shuggie and Molly playing
With my brother’s dog Mollie. He’s the little one, at least he was back then.

After his operation to remove something he swallowed – full story here.

His great big schnozz and tiny teeth.

In action.

Shug at the park
How he is now.

Shuggie's Birthday Cake
His 2nd birthday, a year ago – about to singe his fringe. This year I will be preparing a special surprise treat for him which I will deliver tomorrow (I hope he’s not reading this, or I will have ruined the surprise). Happy Birthday Shuggie! Mairi said she was going to give him 36 kisses, one for each month of his life. I’d like to see her try.