More DAP Wars Results

“You join us for the next round of DAP Wars, here in a bar in Clapham. Your contestants, Matthew Petty and Robin Deacon, have met before, but sadly it’s always been amicable. We’re hoping for some ugly scenes here in Lambeth tonight.”

This round dates back to 2006 as well. Look at me with my backlog! The results are flawed in that I didn’t write down the song titles. Pillock.

Round Matt Rob Winner
1 William Orbit Steely Dan Rob
2 Elvis Costello Harry Nilsson Matt
3 Air Randy Newman Rob
4 Nick Drake Frank Zappa Rob
5 Queens Of The Stone Age Durutti Column Rob

“And what a trouncing! Robin Deacon wins! Bastard! Let’s go through it blow by blow. Steely Dan took Robin into an early lead. Matt bravely fought back with Elvis easily kicking Harry into touch, but he was powerless to resist as Robin struck back with a triple-threat of Randy, Frank and Vini (sounds like a Mafia family). Even the heroin-linked strums of Nick Drake weren’t enough to hold him back. The Gallic cafe-noodlers were similarly flawed, and the stoner throb of QOSA collapsed in their wake. An awesome victory.”

Perhaps we need a new series of games…