DAP Wars Results

“Welcome to the first round of the DAP Wars. Our three contestants are ready to press buttons, and you join us here at an undisclosed location* on the evening of 21 December 2006, to witness the tragedy close-up!”

(* Pret A Manger near Leicester Square – we gotta meet somewhere, people. Don’t judge. Also, yes, this was over a year ago. Think if it as clearing the decks.)


  • Matt used an Apple iPod 4G colour 20GB, with 3436 tracks on it.
  • Robin used a Creative Sleek 20GB, number of tracks undisclosed, well I forgot to write it down. This was before he sat on it and broke the screen.
  • Gren used a Creative Zen Touch, number of tracks approx 7000 million billion.
Round Matt Gren Robin Winner
1 Meat Beat ManifestoNow Super SuckersCan Pipe* StereolabTransona Five Robin
2 LeftfieldBlack Flute Roots ManuvaDreamy Days Eric Dolphy17 West Gren
3 Beastie BoysFight For Your Right Miles Davis»Saeta Isotope 17 – Audio Boxing Matt
4 Boards of CanadaNlogax The FrogsF’d Over Jesus Harry NilssonCoconut Gren

“Well, a stupendous fight there, Ladies and Gentlemen (but let’s face it mainly Gentlemen, and actually just Men), and we have a clear winner with Gren beating Robin and Matt 2-1-1! Robin took the first roundly neatly with a subtle Stereolab nugget, always a favourite here at DAP Wars. Gren swiftly came back with a Roots Manuva track that left Matt’s mid-90’s dance album filler, and Robin’s effort floudering. Matt broke his duck with a de-facto win with a classic rock/hip-hop shouter, easily brushing aside a jazz “tune” and a post-rock “tune” – I don’t know which is worse, Ladies and Gentlemen – do you? So with it all to play for in the last round, with the scores neck and neck and neck at 1 all, Gren played his trump card, randomly selecting a song from The Frogs. A low tactic, frankly, but one which secured victory in this round.

“The players now go through to the drawing room the next round, and we’ll be there with full coverage. Back to you in the studio, Matt.”

*Not having heard of this group, at first I thought Can Pipe was the name of the band, and that they did covers of Can songs using pan pipes. Could be a goer!