LA Story 8 – Sunday 1 April – Lunch With Charlie

And still they come…


I met Charlie when he was a member of the Carlton Dramatic Society. He moved to LA a few years ago, because he had met a girl over there, fallen in love, “dated” transatlantically for a while, then they got together and both moved to LA. He’s really happy, it would seem. I knew the basics, but the details I got over lunch at ‘Home‘, an open-air cafe bar in Los Feliz. I’d arranged to meet him for a chat about old times, stage stories, you know. I ended up getting the full story. He was curious why I wanted to know the details – so was I at first. I kept asking him about how easy it was to fit in, and what the visa situation was, and so on. Then I started to realise that it looked like I was following the same path. I’m not one to write about emotions here, but there’s something going on here alright.

I am considering figuring out how to possibly spend conceivably more time in Los Angeles with Cassie, because I am of the opinion that spending lots of time with her would be a nice experience, and I am informed that she shares this opinion. I don’t think I can be any more candid than that.

Anyway, after that little revelation, and the hilarity and enthusiastic congratulations it spawned, we strolled around the cool shops in Los Feliz. I bought a Silver Lake t-shirt, which I can’t actually wear in Silver Lake cos that would be naff, second only to wearing a “BROO(zip)KLYN” hoodie that you bought in Peckham, where you live. Skylight Books were good enogh to supply me with some PK Dick and Ender’s Game for the flight home.

Of course, no visit to a major city is complete without a MoFi meetup. So it was that I went to mandyman‘s place where we met Space Kitty, Space Kitten and a gang of other banana-munchers. Mandyman had cooked up some great food, we had ‘some’ wine, and we generally arsed around for a few hours. Great fun – so much so that the traditional shout-outs were a pretty rushed and shoddy affair. And for this I apologise.


Nearly as shoddy and rushed as this blog, in fact.