LA Story 10 – Tuesday 3 April – The Last Full Day

More old notes. Nearly there…


After the revelations of Monday, and as the time to go back to London approached, Cassie and I realised we couldn’t waste any time. So we had an extra-busy day on Tuesday.

It started, as had become customary over the few days I was there, with a walk for Gordon in the dog park. Coffee, sunshine, standing around in the yellow dust, talking. Met with Heather, Cassie’s friend. She’s really nice, and since I came back to London, it turns out she is going back to her native New York, so I may not see her again. A real shame, because I could do with as many friends as possible over here. As the coffee took hold, we though about what else we wanted to do. First up, lunch.

As Cassie’s Mum (or should that be ‘Mom’?) was still around, and offering to buy, we went to ‘Home’ again, which does a nice line in erm, food. Another nice time, I can now call Cassie’s Mum Joan, so inroads being made, eh?

After thate Cassie took me to the celebrated Amoeba records, where she used to work know people who worked here. Great place, huge independent record store. I bought some CDs (Spacemen 3 and Meat Beat Manifesto, if you must know) and reflected on how much new music I am completely unaware of. I never know what to buy in these places.

Later in the evening we made an effort and got dressed up for dinner. Well, I made as much of an effort as I could with my limited suitcase wardrobe. I looked less like a sack of shit than usual, put it like that (Cassie looked gorgeous).

We went to Cliff’s Edge, which strictly speaking is walking distance from the apt, but this being posh night in LA, we drove and got the car valet parked. The outdoor veranda area was done up like a tree house, which in effect it is – all suspended in a tree, with huge tropical plants shielding you from prying eyes, and traffic. We ate, drank, talked about my next visit (!) and so on. After a delicious meal, we drove downtown for a cocktail in the Hotel Buenaventura Bonaventure where we drank Dirty Martinis (apparently not a macho drink) in the famous rotating bar, with it’s amazing views of downtown LA, full of skyscrapers and lights. Apparently the foyer of the hotel was used as location for parts of the film ‘Logans Run’, which I can well believe. Curved surfaces and beige.

A wonderful last night. But the next day brought sadness…