Over The Top…

…and down the rollercoaster!

One show down! Well that wasn’t so bad in the end. I had been really nervous about my lines, but I managed to do pretty well, I thought. I always get nervous about my lines, and you’d think that I would realise that it always goes well in the end. But it goes well in the end because of the panicked extra line-runs and rehearsals that get scheduled.

As for last night, well we had a technical run-through in the afternoon, where it was realised what a cue-heavy piece this is. A sound, light or prop cue every two minutes on average – mostly bunched together. The run-through was patchy, and we ran out of time for a proper dress rehearsal, so the first public performance was the first time we had everything ready – including the lines. But the (very small) audience were very responsive, and did their usual trick of confounding us by not laughing at the bits we thought were giong to be funny, and chuckling in the “wrong” places. I give up trying to second-guess these people, honestly.

I have friends (Daneeta and PJ) coming along tonight, so best be good!