Oppenheimers Deadly Toy

So I woke up suddenly at 4am today, in a cold sweat, becuase I had been dreaming there had been a nuclear war, and I was living in the grisly aftermath. I didn’t eat cheese before bed, I hadn’t been watching anything like ‘Threads’ or ‘The War Game’. So what the hell is going on?

It was really nasty. People were dying all around, no food, nuclear winter. The Theists had risen and were taking the piss, basically – even more than usual. It was a really bad scene. I can’t remember much about the details of it, but I remember wishing that I had been outside when the missiles hit – “One flash of light, and we’re vapourised” to paraquote Professor Falken.

The only thing I can think of is that I was reading ‘A Short History Of Nearly Everything’ by Bill Bryson – specifically the chapter about the discovery of our friend the atom. I got as far as E=mcc before going to sleep, and as you know that shows how much encapsulated energy there is in everything. But why would my mind decide to freak me out by showing me these terrible things? It’s a bastard, that’s why.

Is it trying to say that I need to get my life moving, because Armageddon is round the corner? Well, excuse me, I thought going to live in Los Angeles as soon as I can was pretty proactive – I see now I shall have to try harder.