LA Story 9 – Monday 2 April – Cafe Culture

More ancient notes from the Moleskine…this must be it by now…


After a short morning visit to the dog park, we went for some breakfast at a café next to the musical conservatoire owned by Chilli Pepper Flea. Through the windows we could see lots of aspiring cellists and clarinetists jumping around in their pants, or with socks on their c0cks.

I must say the café culture works better here – wider streets, fewer pedestrians, and of course more sun. I’m not saying that fewer peds is a good thing, mind you, but the whole thing hangs together pretty well. Silver Lake is pretty cool. Arty and relaxed.

I’m told that you can pretend you know anyone in West Hollywood by going up to them and asking, “So, how’s your agent?” The person will instantly assume you know something about the trouble they’ve had with their agent, and will launch into a revealing conversation, because they can’t remember if they know you or not. In Silver Lake it’s different – you go up to people and ask, “So, how’s the band?” and they will instantly assume you know something about the trouble they’ve had with their bass player. A$$hole can’t play for sh1t.

Then in the afternoon it was time to exercise the raw buying power of the Pound Sterling by going to a mall and doing some shopping. So Cassie took me to her old stomping ground, the Glendale Gonorrhea. Two things. Cassie didn’t really hang around the mall – she’s way too cool for that. And it’s actually the Glendale Galleria – what I said before was an old LA joke! Hee!

On the way home I had the only drive-thru burger I ate in LA – an In-n-Out Double Double. Double burger, double cheese. Delicious, fattening, and Christian – the company is a family firm based on Bible values. Flamed-grilled over a burning bush, perhaps.