Alright Once You Get To Know Him

I’ve met people who I instantly don’t like. This could be judgmental of me – but in the end, I believe life is too short to bother making an effort with someone who clearly isn’t making an effort with me.

I’ve met people who I instantly don’t like. Sometimes these people share a mutual friend with me. This mutual friend may say, “Oh Matthew he’s not so bad”.

“Not so bad”?”

“Yes, he’s alright once you get to know him”

“How long will that take? Only “alright”? Are you telling me that you stuck with it, and struggled to find someone worth knowing inside this person, and when you did, he was only “alright”?”

Call me a victim of today’s modern new-fangled instant-access instant-gratification culture, but if I need to make an effort to see something likeable about someone, and when I do the rewards are nowhere near the amount of effort I’ve made, then it ain’t worth it, is it? As I said before, life’s too short.

This pointless rant was brought to you in conjunction with the molecule caffeine, a slight headache, fatigue, and people.