Sorrento Travelogue 3 – Tuesday

I’ve been told that I shouldn’t be blogging about last September when I have more important recent events that I should be blogging about. Well excuse me! I refer you to the blog of Achewood character Pat Reynolds

Today we took the hydrofoil across the bay to Capri, where the rich and beautiful people go. Beautiful place, views of the whole Sorrento coast, and Naples, and Vesuvius on the hazy horizon. Once on the island I left Mairi in a café to rest, and took the funicular railway up to the main streets. Capri is a funny mix of the same old tourist souvenir shops, selling Limoncello, cameos, and inlaid wood boxes, standing next to boutiques from Prada, La Perla, Rolex, Cartier, etc. Also, in common with the more “financially accessible” Sorrento, some cafés and restaurants had photo montages attached to the menu boards outside, to show the good times available within – the only difference being that on Capri, Mariah Carey and Keanu Reeves are the ones having the good time. Didn’t see any celebs myself though, too many swarming tourists (myself included) following guides holding up umbrellas.