I’ve mentioned Daneeta Saft before – she and her cinematographer partner Patrick are in the (hopefully) final stages of editing their documentary Tokyo Cowboys. I met them a couple of weeks back for Daneeta’s birthday, where further evidence of their interesting and varied lives was presented. One thing I didn’t know was that Daneeta’s home town is New Orleans, and that her family have a history very much tied up with the place.

The other morning, Daneeta texted everyone to tell us that she had an article in the Saturday Guardian! It makes fascinating reading, Daneeta, and I hope it can go some way to paying for the completion of the film.

Something else that would help the completion is you lot pop yourselves over to the Tokyo Cowboys website, where there is a PayPal link to allow you to donate some pennies towards the completion of what I’m sure will be a great film. (Actually, the link is a bit borked at the moment, so hold off for now)

By the way, I forgot to mention that my Mute records co-fan Matt, who was at the pub celebrating with Daneeta and co, is the owner of a keen pair of TRON SHOES. Yeah, but I do a great impression of the enemy mastermind in the videogame GORF (“Ha Ha Ha Ha. I am the Gorfian Empire”), so we’re evens.