Welcome, Reader Mairi

Last night, Mairi let slip the terrifying news that she reads this blog. I suddenly feel, not violated exactly, but different. Of course, anyone can read this, and I have a readership which is close to the high millions (in cosmic terms), but I live with Mairi, and we share the great journey that is life. We also share groceries , and cleaning duties.

She said she’d been reading this post from 3 years ago about seeing the film ‘Underworld’, and took issue with some points I made. First off, she said Kate Beckinsdale wasn’t brooding and driven, she was just shite. Fair enough.

Mairi also claims she asked the question, “Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?”, and claimed credit for starting the discussion. Fair enough again. To be honest, it was all so long ago I can’t remember. Catch up, dear.