Thursday: In Brief

Brief entry today. Better weather. Walked Shug on beach. He rubbed his face in a dead crab, drank sea water, burrowed in stinky seaweed, and then later vomited what looked like a litre of water on the floor. Fun for all.

In the afternoon, we drove to Berwick-on-Tweed, walked round the ramparts of the old town, great view.

We bought lots of sweets at a great shop with all the jars behind the counter. I have a bag of Berwick Cockles to hand out at work.

Then as the sun started to cruise back down, we partook of the Seahouses Crazy Golf course. Speaking as a connoisseur, it was very well kept, with each hole representing a local landmark. One particular bitch of a hole was the Farne Islands, because the ball would keep bouncing between them. The final scores:

1. Mairi – 50

2. Me – 52

3. Max – 53

4. Leo – 63


Another DVD in the evening, The Incredibles, plus several cans LAGER.