Monday: Seahouses Relaxation

A quieter day today. Slept late, went and had a full English for lunch in one of the busy cafes in Seahouses (not the best I’ve had, but serviceable), followed by some cakes we bought at the bakers.

The dog now thinks he has a right to be taken to the little beach whenever he wants. He loves the beach, loves the sand, and digs and snarls and runs and snuffles and paddles in the sea, and bites seaweed, and then runs again so his fur is matted with salty sand and gawd knows what else. Bathtime later this week, I think.

Later on we went to the Links Hotel Restaurant, which was pretty mundane to look at, but my schnitzel was good, and the steak and ale pie looked great. The pizzas were shite, by all accounts. Then home, and Rummy with Max & Leo (I lost) along with a couple of cans, before bed and an alarming dream about a fire which destroyed the surface of the world, leaving scattered survivors, myself included.