Two Down…

…three to go. And it’s going very well so far. The theatre was more full last night than on Tuesday, so maybe that’s a trend that will continue. We’re not sure how much influence Mr Nightingales recommendation has had – no queues round the block yet.

The teams have been very good, although the idea that changing the team members around every night and not having proper scores would reduce the amount of bitter competitiveness was clearly a false one. Arguments have been heard about, “How come the team with you in it always wins”, despite us only having done two shows.

These thesps, I don’t know.

A crew from the Carlton were in attendance last night, and as raucous as ever, except when it came to shouting out suggestions. The audiences have been quite quiet about that, like they think they paid to be entertained, rather than have to lift a finger (or a tonsil) themselves.

These punters, I don’t know.