Shuggie On The Radio(ish)

On 29 June, the Today programme had a feature on the names people give their pet dogs. They asked for people to email them a photo of the dog, and an explanation of why that name was chosen.

They finally put Shuggie up.

The Editor of the programme was a bit perturbed by the number of pictures received – but it shows that people will email them when they want to. For example, I (nearly) emailed them this morning after James Naughtie commented, “we all remember Fahrenheit anyway”. I don’t. I 34 and I was taught Celsius at school. I don’t know what the headline, “Phew, it’s 102!” means, and neither do I know how many pounds there are in an ounce, or how many bushels in a cubit.

This does not mean I am an unpatriotic froggie kraut.