Saturday: First Evening In Seahouses

Journey was OK, but we underestimated the time it would take, so we arrived at about 1630. Lovely house, right on the harbour front (harbour view, in fact) – 6 Chapel Row.

The house is all backwards, because it’s all on the sea front. So the front door is at the back, at the top, and you go downstairs to bed, and down agin to the garage, which has room for a boat, with a slipway just opposite. There’s a little sandy beach just opposite too, big enough for Shug to have a run around in soft sand, and go mental with bits of seaweed. The garage reminds me of the ‘ski rooms’ you get in Alpine resorts, where you can get in and take your snowy boots off wihout trekking it all over the carpet. Linda and John, and Max and Leo arrived almost at the same time as us, which means that John can’t have taken his own advice against speeding on the A1. We had fish’n’chips from the Neptune for tea, and very nice it was too. I’ll be popping out or a pint before bed as well. All looks great so far, apart from the slighly rainy and chilly weather. This will pass, according to the house owner…

time passes

Just got back from the pub with John. We went to a couple of pubs, first the Black Swan, which was rammed, but didn’t sell any interesting beers. I’m not a big real ale drinker, but I like to try the local stuff when I’m around. So after a pint of Newcastle Exhibition we went along to the Olde Ship, which was also rammed, but sold several ales, and had every inch of celing covered in brass nautical knick-knacks – lamps, compasses, and the like. I supped on Everards Sunchaser, and John fell back on Black Sheep. We bumped into the owner of the house we’re staying in, who was very nice and keen to tell us all about the area and the sights.

After a couple of Sunchasers, I was tempted by the idea of a nip of the local Alnwick rum, which made sure I slept very well.