Here We Go

Get-in and Technical/Dress rehearsal tonight! Actually, there’s not much in the way of ‘getting-in’ to be done. We’ll use the lights just as they are, there’s no set, just a box of props, and the 100-piece orchestra are arriving at about 5 from Rio. What could possibly go wrong?

As far as rehearsal is concerned, even improvised shows need them, because it does need a certain amount of organisation. Otherwise it would be a shambolic, rambling, unfunny mess, and we don’t want that, now do we?

I should clarify something about this entry. I don’t read The Times. Someone else told me about it. OK?

I have my costume ready, such as it is. I’m not making the mistake I made in 2003, and wearing a full tux in the July heat. It’s short sleeves all the way now.

All that’s needed now is to finish writing some banter and twaddle for in between the games. I’m using my wiki to do that – handy for when inspiration strikes at work – and fatal for paid productivity…