Test Of AutoBlock Plugin

This is a test of the autoblock blosxom plugin. It automatically puts HTML block tags around paragraphs. So this paragraph is made into a P. It currently only works for P, BLOCKQUOTE and PRE.

This will be a BLOCKQUOTE (because of the space at the beginning)

This is PRE code, because of the two colons at the start (removed by the plugin)

I will still need to put links in manually, but it’s nice anyway.

I’ve edited the code so that it ignores the meta-creation_date tag at the top, but I can’t figure out how to do the same for the tags bit below. The plugin is written in Perl, and there’s a line of code that dictates which lines to ignore, which is basically any line which starts with an HTML tag. That way, existing tags don’t get overwritten. It is done using a regular expression, with the HTML tags included in an OR list of things to ignore. I added ‘meta’ with no trouble, but when I added ‘[tags:’ it didn’t like it – probably because of the square bracket. Some further learning is required.

Perl Regular Expressions!

[tags: plugin blosxom]